Fullhyd Meet

The Crackednut | 14 Jul 2004, 8:21am

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Members of the fullhyd boards planning to meet up this Sunday (18th July). Details below. An informal gathering of some of Hyderabad's wierdest peoples!


PS: This is for all the oldies who jumped the fence... MLS, JLU and the like ;-)

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Addicts Inc.

The Crackednut | 23 Jun 2004, 8:55am

Mom, Dad, Bro and a bunch of other relatives waiting for a bunch of keys on other side of town. Am an hour late. Yet to take a bath. Yet to have my breakfast. Yet to drive 10 km. But still, am reading other's blogs. Surfing the net. Posting usless comments. Increasing my blogs popularity by repeated clicks.

DAMN!!! Blogging is FUN!

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Acad bashing again!

The Crackednut | 23 Jun 2004, 8:32am

When parents join their kids in an institute that advertises its meritorious students, in the hope that their children will do as well, doesn't it become a very selfish notion?? Every father and mother would harp on that "We are doing it for your benefit, beta!" line, but try digging a bit deeper. You go in and in most cases you'd realise most folks want a source of pride in their own hopeless lives. They haven't achieved nuts in their pathetic years, and are mostly not in a position to do so in the coming decades. The kid however looks promising enough to bargain for "their" place in the sun! So these very earnest elders make a decision in all fairness and fill useless forms with a burning desire for equally useless ranks and marks! They would love to go around town drumming their about sons and daughters academic achievements. good going mate! So what's next???? GRE? CAT? ICET? CA? MBBS? MS? Marriage? take some trouble and let's plan the chap's death too... save him all the worries and make sure he makes none of the mistakes from your own worthless existence. Kill him before you've slept the last.

My grandfather died a week ago. He was a photographer, a musician, a painter, an electrician, an agriculturalist, a tution teacher, a devoted father, a loyal husband and a very caring grandfather to his many grand children in all his 80 years that he lived. He accompalished so much with hardly any formal education. He travelled away from his village to far off lands to earn more. Many differences cropped between both of us during my teenage days. I somehow could see through all that when i began to see less of him. Now that he is dead, he remains one of the more forward-looking persons of his era.

I look around myself and am disgusted for this continuous rush for materialistic certificates and knowledge. I long to wake people out of their slumber and plead them to look around and enjoy life instead. To enjoy life to its fullest is my innermost emotion. I hope i will remember it forever.

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The Crackednut | 21 Apr 2004, 1:06am
The Crackednut was here.

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The EVM Beckons!

The Crackednut | 20 Apr 2004, 7:13pm

So finally Apr 20th arrived. This was my first chance to vote. And i was going to make most of it. I keep having this statement in my mind which says that - "If not now, its never". To be a bit more objective, i believe every moment is worth living for. Never say no or make a wrong decision just because you feel you can do a better job later on. So with regard to Elections '04, i decided to to do a bit of a research and profile the candidates in my constituency. Well, half my research wouldn't have materialised were it not for a bunch of my friends that meet every sunday. So anyways, i made sure my first ever elections remains etched in my mind.

Surprisingly i hardly came across anyone this time around who said he/she wouldn't vote bcos "it doesn't make a diff". I mean, what's the problem with the educated classes anyway? They are literate. They have the power to analyse and infer. But why the f*** do they have to act so lazy and haughty as though the country is doing them a favour in return. I believe that every person is a product of his/her surroundings and his thoughts are obviously affected by those around. So if you have to be proud of anything, it has to be the school you were brought up in, the college you studied in, the company you work for and the country that is giving you all this. Well, there are always difficulties and problems posed by the society. But then there are two choices that follow - Choice A: Take a defeatist attitude. Blame every one but yourself. cry over it and wonder why me? Choice B: Look at every step as a challenge. Another segment in the learning curve and fight! I've tried to live in choice B from as long as i realised choice A existed.

OK!OK! cutting it down into 4 simple words - "VOTE FOR YOUR COUNTRY"

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